Terry Lee P/M SFU Pipe Band 



BAGPIPE COVERS             

"Could this be the best bag cover ever designed? Quite possibly."
- Piper & Drummer Magazine

If you have any questions regarding a cover or the outfitting of your band with Highland Gear Bagpipe Covers, please do not hesitate to call or email directly.    info@highlandgear.ca

Highland Gear Bagpipe Covers

Quality Fabrics - velveteen, Duradrill® & Sunbrella® fabrics

Quality YKK zippers -colour matched to cover

Quality Dycem patches- pipes don't slip

Quality Workmanship- Highland Gear uses the latest computerized sewing machines in the manufacturing process. Our covers are manufactured in house. They are not out-sourced to third party companies.

Quality Trims -Manufactured exclusively for Highland Gear (not furniture trim)

The Name you can TRUST!!

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